Are you a part of the Twitterati? Are you getting Facebooked? What does being a part of the Twitterati even mean? Getting Facebooked, really? Twitter and Facebook. These two sites are like alternate universes because they exist in a space that we had no idea existed and their depth is massive. Well that and when I read and watch some of the posts I think these creatures cannot possibly be human. Do you really speak with a #? It is simply amazing what these 2 sites have been able to accomplish in such a short period of time. They did it with one common theme that holds true for all human beings: we want to be social. We innately desire a connection with other people. In a world where we are driven away from people in the name of efficiency, something had to drive us back to human contact. Something had to make us feel that we can connect with people whenever we felt that desire. These sites bring the “drive-thru” experience to social interaction because they are fast, we can pick what we want and they are always open. Ahhh yes this is the medication served in our insane asylum that keeps us bouncing against the walls but not going through them. The statistics are staggering:
Every day, the world writes the equivalent of a 10 million-page book in tweets (1)
In 2009 users sent 2 million tweets per day, now they are sending 200 million tweets per day (1)
In 2010 Facebook was the most searched for term in the U.S. (2)
1 of every 8 minutes on the internet is spent on Facebook. (3)

So if you plan on having a small business you better understand how to leverage these assets. Sometimes when something “new” comes out we feel like we have to find all these “new” ways to do things. The question you need to answer is no different than any other investment you make for your company, how can this make us money? In both of these spaces you need to find a way to engage your customers and future customers in a meaningful way that will not only make them buy from you but will make them rave about you. So here are 4 steps you can take to figure out how to become a part of the Twitterati and ensure you get Facebooked.
1. Sign up and explore! If you do not have Facebook (there are only 30% of internet users left in the US without an account) then you should signup immediately. If you do not have Twitter I suggest you signup immediately.
2. Do a little research: I recommend listening to this Podcast from Internet Business Mastery on social media here  and downloading this article about Facebook IQ here
3. Develop a strategy that engages your customers in such a way that they are always posting about your company. Some quick ideas to launch your page could be offering discounts for posting pictures on Facebook while they are at your location or enjoying your product and posting valuable quotes that directly relate to your niche daily. You know your customers, what would they like to see?
4. Take action! Go setup a Twitter account for your business and let your customers follow you. Go setup a Facebook Fan Page and let your customers show how much they like you.

We have done it recently and as we continue to grow so will our social media presence. Go connect with your customers!
I’m out!

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